Preliminary research is vital to understanding the basics of any topic. You have to do your homework. In this context, that means discovering the best textbooks, courses, books, and blogs.

To help you save time, we’ve done all the work.

Below, you’ll see the top resources for anyone who is looking to develop a basic understanding of economics.

We don’t agree with all of the material in the resources below – but that’s not the point. When you’re first getting started, you shouldn’t look for people who are just confirming your biases. You should read broadly and openly.

Let the truth sort itself out.

Top Economics Courses

Top Economics Textbooks

  • Economics – Paul Krugman
  • Principle of Economics – Gregory Mankiw
  • Economics: Principles In Action – Arthur O’Sullivan
  • Foundation Of Economics – Michael Parkin and Robin Bade
  • Principles Of Economics  Ben Bernanke and Robert H Frank
  • Modern Principles Of Economics – Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen
  • Economics: Principles, Problems, And Fallacies – Campbell R. McConnell
  • Introduction To Economics: Social Issues And Economic Thinking – Wendy A. Stock

Top Economics Books

  • Wealth Of Nations – Adam Smith
  • Basic Economics – Thomas Sowell
  • Principles: Life And Work – Ray Dalio
  • Economics In One Lesson – Henry Hazlitt
  • The Money Mystery – Richard J. Maybury
  • Capitalism And Freedom – Milton Friedman
  • Economic Facts and Fallacies – Thomas Sowell
  • Confessions Of An Economic Hitman – John Perkins
  • Economics: A Free Market Reader – Bettina Bien Greaves
  • Whatever Happened To Penny Candy? – Richard J. Maybury
  • Naked Economics: Undressing The Dismal Science – Charles Wheelan
  • Economics 101: From Consumer Behavior to Competitive Markets – Alfred Mill
  • The Little Book of Economics: How The Economy Works In The Real World – Greg Ip
  • Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth And Prosperity – James D. Gwartney

Top Economics Blogs